Kloe Young-Star Association

KY-SA is a Community Based Organisation (CBO) serving the Community of Abuta - Kloe.  The express goals of KY-SA are to work to improve the education and employment opportunities available to the youth of the community.  More details of the goals of the CBO can be found here.  

KY-SA has been set up to combine local community resources with those of international volunteers sourced from BRIDGE in order to accomplish its goals.  BRIDGE is a local organisation that has links with Global Volunteer Network an international organisation based in New Zealand that specialises in placing international volunteers with local communities in developing countries.

The first volunteer to work with KY-SA has helped establish an organisational structure and transparency expected of an organisation to be able to link with government and non-government funding sources.  Bylaws have been created to ensure the democratic operation of the CBO for the communities benefit and independent functional roles of the CBO's executive committee members have been specified.  A bank account with strict signatory rules for all cheques disbursed has also been established that will provide clear records of income and expenses that funding organisations will have available when assessing the suitability of KY-SA to receive funding grants. 

KY-SA has decided that the first step towards their self sufficiency will be to establish a honey production project with the help of its second volunteer in order to establish recurring revenues to fund the CBO's initial goals.  The success of this project, along with providing a substantial revenue stream to fund education opportunities  in of itself, will also provide clear documented evidence of the management capabilities of KY-SA and stand them in good stead to receive development funds from large donors. 

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