Kloe Young-Star Association

Local Government:  Many developing countries see decentralisation as essential to the democratic process.  Local government institutions have therefore been strengthened to improve the involvement of people in decision making that affects the economic and social development.  The Institute of Local Government Studies   provides educational resources on the functioning of local Government in Ghana.  District Assemblies play a vital role in local governance. Abutia - Kloe is in the Ho Municipality with information found on this district at the GhanaDisricts.com website

District Assemblies Common Fund:  The fund is a Development Fund which enables the use of the nations wealth throughout Ghana to the benefit of all citizens.  The Discovery of the Jubilee oil field means the Ghanaian Government's revenue will be substantially increased in the future and CBO's like KY-SA need to be aware of how to access development money that they are entitled to.  The DACF is one possible source of funding.

Economic Opportunities:  The Ghana Investment Promotion Center (GIPC) provides information on the industries in Ghana and where investment opportunities and expanding markets are likely to be found.  To expand the employment opportunities available in Abutia - Kloe, as part of KY-SA'a long term goals, the village will need to integrate into the broader economy and the GIPC can help identify such opportunities.

Associates for Sustainable Rural DevelopmentASRuD is an NGO based in Ho that KY-SA has identified and wishes to work closely with.  This NGO is committed to providing rural villages with the organisational and marketing skills in order to improve the cash earning potential of the village.  They have links with large international institutional and act as a conduit between these institutions and the villages allowing the transfer of technical skills and resources.   It is important for the villages to have continual contact with such organisations in order to tap their knowledge base, keep their development projects moving and aid in problem solving.

Cassava: Adding Value for Africa: C:AVA Project will develop value chains for High Quality Cassava flour (HQCF) in Ghana, Tanzania, Uganda, Nigeria and Malawi to improve the livelihoods and incomes of at least 90,000 smallholder households as direct beneficiaries including women and disadvantaged groups. It will promote the use of HQCF as a versatile raw material for which diverse markets exist.  The project is led by the Natural Resources Institute of the University of Greenwich working closely with: University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria; Food Research Institute, Ghana; Tanzania Food and Nutrition, Tanzania; Africa Innovations Institute, Uganda; and Chancellor College, University of Malawi and a range of other partners.

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