One of the volunteers, after traveling a large part of the country and meeting with various institutions in Accra, has come across a NGO based in Ho that appears well organised and determined to aid the rural poor to help themselves.  The NGO is called Associates for Sustainable Rural Development (ASRuD) and have many projects operating with the CAVA project identified by KY-SA as having significant potential to benefit Abutia - Kole.

In short the project aims to introduce new high yielding cassava varieties to rural farmers, teach these farmers best practice farming methods, and slowly encourage and facilitate a business mindset among these farmers in order to generate the highest possible cash flows from their farms.  New processing techniques will also be taught in order turn the cassava raw material into a high quality flour that has at least twice the market value of Gari, the traditional product made from Cassava.

The CAVA project has been funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who have funded university research into the the development of these new high yielding Cassava varieties that are particularly suited to Ghanaian conditions, as well as providing funds to NGO's such as ASRuD to provide the necessary training to rural farmers and link them with ready markets for Cassava and Cassava products.

While KY-SA believes the new Cassava varieties and the new farming techniques will be of great benefit in of themselves, currently the village farmers will be unable to fully participate in the project through to flour production because the village lacks a $400 press needed for the necessary quality control.  KY-SA is therefore hoping that sufficient funds from donations will enable the purchase of the press.  KY-SA will then own this press and operate it, charging farmers in the area and from surrounding villages for its use in producing the Cassava flour.  These revenues will then be made available to fund educational improvements in the village as part of KY-SA goals.

KY-SA believes this to be laudable project as farmers will benefit directly as well as allowing KY-SA more financial freedom and sustainability in improving the quality of education in Abutia Kole.